As you’ve probably noticed… lately it takes me fooooooorever to finish an illustration! Between traveling (aka packing and repacking suitcases that never seem to fit everything, no matter how ‘light’ I pack)  work, PF behind the scenes projects (some good ones!)… ya know things just get crazy!

Basically, I’m just full of excuses.

Anyway, I painted this one weeks ago but haven’t had an opportunity to sit down and finish it. So…thought I’d show you a preview!! Think turbans + patterns + how much glitter I’m going to put on this one (alot).

Hope you’re all having a buena semana!

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12 Responses to “ALMOST”

  1. maria fernanda angulo Says:

    jajaja muy bien con el español!! Pura vida!

  2. EatSleepDenim Says:

    I love this!!

  3. sarah Says:

    love it can’t wait to see the finished piece!!

  4. Inuspal Says:

    this looks so nice. you’ve painted her face so well, she’s got a great expression going on. especially love how soft the eye area is.

    can’t wait to see this complete…however long it takes you to finish! haha


  5. Ashley Says:

    It’s so gorgeous already!

  6. humandesire4 Says:

    Hey check this too

  7. kleidercoach Says:

    Amazing work ! I love fashion and I am always so keen to see, how people express themselves. Your art work is absolutely beautiful! :)

  8. mayzeshop Says:

    So good.. full art.. full meaning in every stroke.

  9. thetruthaboutlexa Says:

    Omg untill I read this I thought it was finished its already so amazing and I can’t believe how talented you are

  10. Edu Says:

    I really love this !!!

  11. arooba hameed Says:

    Nice.. love it

  12. thebookfaeryblog Says:

    So amazing!

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