As you’ve probably noticed… lately it takes me fooooooorever to finish an illustration! Between traveling (aka packing and repacking suitcases that never seem to fit everything, no matter how ‘light’ I pack)  work, PF behind the scenes projects (some good ones!)… ya know things just get crazy!

Basically, I’m just full of excuses.

Anyway, I painted this one weeks ago but haven’t had an opportunity to sit down and finish it. So…thought I’d show you a preview!! Think turbans + patterns + how much glitter I’m going to put on this one (alot).

Hope you’re all having a buena semana!




Even though I’ve been posting, I feel like I’ve been so absent from PF! Traveling has been amazing, but incrediblyyyy exhausting. If you follow me on twitter you can get a glimpse of some things I’ve been up to!

I’ve finally moved into the place I’ll be staying here in Barcelona (for a few weeks)… so things should calm down a bit. Let’s HOPE. I feel like I need another vacation already…

Usually when I arrive in Barcelona… it feels a bit odd. Like I’m just here for the weekend or something. This time, it felt different… like more comfortable. I guess I’m getting used to it. Which is probably a good thing, since I’m moving here!

My Spanish is slowly improving too… who wants to practice??

**sooo the lack of ‘fashion illustration’ continues… but I’ve got a great one for you tomorrow**



Calling all California fashionistas!

Check out The Summer Sale, Thursday, July 14th, hosted by

The sale will be featuring Penelope + Coco (always a favorite of mine!!!), LUV AJ, and Katie May.

Go out, take pics, and let me know how it is!!!

P.S. What do you think of the illustration on the invite… ;)

Waylande Gregory


Hello there!

Just some salt n pepper shakers I’m obsessed with! This color is nice too. Found them on pinterest (as usual!).

I’ve had a small break from ‘fashion illustration’ if you haven’t noticed (not that I haven’t been doing it behind the scenes!!).. just needed a change of pace. It will return soon though <3.

Made it to Berlin this morning..! Can’t wait to explore less jet-lagged tomorrow…

Summer Umbrellas


I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I sure did!

My vacation in Miami is almost over… and I’m off to Berlin today! I’ll be at Bread & Butter with the Reebok crew… is anyone else going to be there?



America the Beautiful.

Let’s feel the summer breeze, and see some glitter in the sky…:)

(lifeguard stand on south beach!)



It’s officially summer in my mind!!!!! Headed to Miami for a MUCH needed break from workMODE.

Happy Friday and Happy 4th of July weekend!!

See you on the beach…



If I were a boy (alude to Beyonce) I’d hope I could pull off one of these eclectically classy bow ties from Forage. Check out their blog.

(If your a lady bow lover… they’ve got some for girls too!)

Airline Cups


Loved these Melmac Airline coffee mugs. The color palette is perfect.

Found the image on a fellow college-mate’s pinterest a while ago…  She seriously pins the best things.

Couldn’t decide between the version without pen on top… and the one with pen… What do you think?

hmm… maybe prefer the one without pen…




Remember to


It’s Monday… and I accomplished nothing I wanted to over the weekend. Instead, Boston distracted me… COMPLETELY. Oh well… the sun is shining and it’s back to work for me! Can you believe it’s almost JULY!?

… always remember to be OPTIMISTIC. :)



This is Luna the cocker spaniel … a furry friend I knew back in college. I completely forgot to scan it before it was sent to her owner… so sorry for the semi blurry photo. Workin with what I’ve got!

HAPPY FRIDAY! (finally)

A Fashionable Drop from the Sky


I recently did a self portrait for an article in my university’s publication- Carnegie Mellon Today.

This was a huge achievement for me! It may not seem like much to you, but I wasn’t always sure what I wanted to “be” in college (who is?!) or where I wanted to take myself. I knew I wanted to be in the design world, but wasn’t quite sure where I fit in- as I’m sure my professors were aware…!!! Throughout my four years at Carnegie Mellon Design, and the 3 years since, I feel like I’ve come a LONG way in figuring things out.

I’m not only more confident in my work, but I’ve found a style and voice that seems to be appreciated by people (you guys!). I’ve been given SO many opportunities in my life, and I can’t wait to see what’s in my future- but for now, I’ll enjoy the present!

Check out (and laugh) at the article below…

Thanks for recognizing my achievements Carnegie Mellon!

Summer Leopard


An illustration of an image from Alejandra Alonso by Mariano Vivanco for Vogue Russia May 2011

Loved this editorial… the turbans are perfect with the swimwear! So exotic.

Bringin the glitter back!



At some point while I was painting Art Nouveau, this happened.

What started off as circles… ended up a rooster. I’m likin it! Maybe it’s nostalgia for my childhood days with our pet chickens in Georgia… go ahead, make all the jokes you want!

bok bok.

Reebok Kamikaze


As most of you are aware, I am a designer at Reebok by day (Paperfashion by night!). I try to keep the two worlds pretty separate… but had to illustrate this one. The Kamikaze sneaker was released last Friday… and sold out in a flashhhhh. It’s part of Reebok’s collaboration with producer Swizz Beatz.

My friend Jeremy designed the shoe… and it’s definitely lookin hot with that neon!



I don’t think I’ve had a sketchbook (and actually used it) for years! I used to be obsessed with them… not sure why I stopped. There’s nothing like filling up that last page and flipping back through your creations.

Anyway, decided it’s time I start one again! Especially since I’ll be sitting on lots of long plane rides this summer (and I’ve already watched every movie the airlines have to offer). This was my first sketch on the plane ride home Saturday… obsessing over circles I guess…??

Oh and found these cool highlighter pencils at the airport!! Love them!

P.S. Back in the USA this week! Feels good to be home.

Art Nouveau


I’ve been pretty carefree about sketching lately. It’s a nice break from what seemed like a nonstop whirlwind of illustrating for two years straight! I’m really into trying new styles of painting… it’s so refreshing. Obviously, traveling has influenced this quite a bit… seeing new places and learning new things- without a doubt one of the most important things you can do!

I had no idea what I wanted to post today, so I just started painting shapes to see where they went. This one came out very Art Nouveau-esk… don’t you think? I can imagine it playing beautifully with some swirly white text.

Headed back to Boston this weekend! Super excited to see my crew… and just be home (with a kitchen! woo!!). Even though it’s only for one week…! Gotta soak up some American while I’m there!!!

P.S. my blog may be a bit slow right now but my tweets + pics aren’t!

It’s Just Stuff.


Saturday was a wonderful afternoon… well,  until this disappeared mysteriously from my bag! I guess there’s a first time for everything… and Barcelona, you got me!

I was pretty confused and furious for a while… but I’m over it now. I lost a good amount of money :(, but it could have been much worse. At least they didn’t get my passport… thank goodness!!! Then I would’ve been in trouble!

It’s just stuff in the end… so it’s okay.

I do hope they take a trip to the USA to use that Jcrew gift card though… I mean come on! Now it’s just going to go to waste!

P.S. The wallet was Kate Spade… and it’s now on super sale! ;)

All you summer travelers hang on to your wallets!

The Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration


Can’t wait for this book to hit stores September 1st! It will be my second book to be published in! woo!

It’s the sequel to the Big Book of Fashion Illustration.

Happy weekend everyone!



Not sure if you’ve seen the buzz around this flamenco-esk purple bottle… but supposedly Justin Beiber’s fragrance bottle (yeah… i know) took a few cues from Marc’s bottle… blah blah and it has people wondering… Will Marc Jacobs sue?

I have a lot of opinions on issues like this, but I’ll save that to share over a bottle of wine. Needless to say, Marc’s answer surprised me. It was nothing but respectful as an artist, and well… perfect for this situation. He quoted Chanel,

 “He who insists on his own creativity has no memory.”

Is that a great quote or what? How do you interpret it?

I can tell you, it’s a quote I firmly believe in.

P.S. If you want a good laugh… check out Beiber’s fragrance commericial :).



Saw this quote on Pinterest the other day.

I agree with it 1000000000%!!!! It seems especially fitting for me at the moment…

You really do learn SO much from every single little adventure your life gives you.

Taste of Barcelona


Finally got around to painting a bit! It was great to take a break… but I was missing my paintbrush…:)

A few of the things that seem to make it into just about every meal these days- and I love them all. For desayuno, almuerzo, y cena! See, I’m learning!



Have you seen Rue Issue 5? It’s gorgeous!! You can also check out some illustrations I did on the Blogger Side by Side page!

Sorry for the lack of posts! I’m finally over my jet leg… ! Barcelona has been great… and the weather is AMAZING. Perfect summer right now. It will be soo nice to have the weekend off and not be working… so I can do some more exploring and shopping… :).

I’m already sick of hotel living, and can’t wait to get my own place. Still two more weeks of living out of a suitcase. I started Spanish classes too, so my Spanish is slowly improving! I can’t wait to know it fluently… it really will make life so much easier here.

You know, I told you I wasn’t jet lagged anymore, but here I am awake at 3 am… so maybe I lied. I think I’m just craving some good Spanish breakfast. Or maybe just a Ciapiroska con Fresas!




Here is the illustration of my contest winner’s entry! Loved illustrating this one.

Made it to Barcelona! The weather is incredible right now! Perfect sunny summer. I spent the day exploring the area I’m staying in… and definitely walked down some streets I shouldn’t have (I survived woo!). The rest of the streets were lovely of course :). Made a few friends at a local tapas restaurant! I’m lovin the vibe of this place. Just need to work on my jet lag a bit… woke up at 3 am this morning… ready to go!

I’m working on a tumblr to document my travels and new life over here! I will let you know when it’s up and ready for action! Better start practicing my photography…

In the meantime… have a wonderful start to a new week!



Loved this image… The red is striking!

… and yes that is a preview of the contest winner  in the corner…

Happy Friday!

I’m off to sunny Barcelona for a few weeks tomorrow… so posts might be a bit slower!

Penelope + Coco FW11


Some of you may remember me mentioning P+C back when I illustrated their collection for the launch party…

Well, Penelope and Coco has done it again! Check out they’re funky new FW11 Lookbook via Refinery29… !

I illustrated the Edie for their website recently, and I absolutely love this new line! See for yourself…

You can purchase them HERE.

Amanda Brooks


Meet Amanda Brooks… Barneys VP, Women’s Fashion Director!

Much like Jenna Lyons, this stylish lady is smart, successful, and gorgeous! She’s the author of I Love Your Style, former creative director for Tuleh, and also served as Director of Fashion at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment… super woman eh? Oh, and you can read her thoughts HERE.

Check out some questions she answered for Jcrew’s Who’s That Girl...

Illustration inspired via HERE. (3.1 Phillip Lim Pants, Proenza Schouler Top, Chanel Shoes)

Blueberry Blue


Another attempt at illustrating a bird! What do you think? It was hard to beat my last one– loved all the colors. This one just looks like a blueberry! I’ll keep working at these birds! I’m loving them right now. Such beauties!

Supposedly it’s a Blue Wren… via HERE

Back to fashion posts tomorrow!!!

Contest Winner


source <3

Congratulations to the winner of the PAPERFASHION contest: Nahrain Rashidzadeh!!!

I couldn’t resist these GIANT sequins… too perfect. There’s something so quiet and serene about this image… I love the contrast between that feeling, and the dramatic but simple styling!!

Thanks again to EVERYONE who entered. There were an overwhelming number of entries… which made it nearly impossible to choose. If you want to see a few of my favorite submission, check them out HERE.

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